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Basic members have limited access to templets and artwork...consultants have access to everything
  • Creating storybooks celebrates your bond with family, friends and loved ones.
consultant kit: When you sign up with Heritage Makers you will receive a start up kit. You will receive everything needed to get your HM business off the ground.
On line training: Take free on line classes when you need to. Visit your virtual office for details.
regional & national conventions:
These  events are held throughout the year. You may attend many different classes and events. You will have fun while learning, and you will meet new friends who share the same passion that you have about family heritage.
team support:
When you join the Heritage Makers team, you are in business for yourself, but you are NEVER alone. You will always have support from your sponsor and upline leaders. You and your team will become like family.
Your personal website:
When you become a Heritage Makers consultant you will be given your own personal website. This is where your clients and prospective consultants can go to learn more about Heritage Makers.
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How much can you really earn?
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Weekly workshops: (USD)
1 workshop       $280.00            $600.00
2 workshops     $760.00         $1,200.00
3 workshops  $1,240.00        $1,800.00
Weekly Client Purchases:
5 clients     $240.00      $320.00
10 clients   $680.00       $840.00
15 clients   $920.00      $1,300.00
Weekly workshops average for new consultants is $350.00 while experienced consultants average $500.00
Basic members have limited access to templets and artwork...consultants have unlimited access to everything.
If you are ready to start creating beautiful digital storybooks and other products, go to and click on the "Join My Team" link. If you join my team as a consultant, you will receive a FREE 5x5 publishing credit (valued at $31.95). This is a limited offer, so sign up NOW.
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