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 About Heritage Makers:
quick company facts:Heritage Makers’ unique concept of storybooking continues to grab attention from people everywhere. With over 6,000 consultants, more than 100,000 clients, and 30,000 plus pieces of art, Heritage Makers meets the demands of a fast growing business while providing treasured keepsakes that preserve family stories and legacies.                                           
the heritage: Founded in 2005 by Doug Cloward, President of Heritage Makers, and Sharon Murdoch, Heritage Makers Co-founder and board member, Heritage Makers has become the leader in personal publishing. This direct-selling based company teaches others how to preserve their heritage through storybooking. Heritage Makers online program allows clients to personally design books, cards, calendars, posters and more that highlight their families and friends
Heritage Makers started from log/scrapbook-like kits that clients put together and sent in to be typeset and bound. Today, the company is fully digital with an online Studio where clients can design pages and insert personalized story and pictures—each project whether storybook, card, or canvas becoming a timeless keepsake.                              
The company continues to grow with a Template Gallery of over 1000 templates—more added daily—and new pieces of art added monthly. 
the vision Heritage Makers’goal is to build lasting legacies of family heritage by creating, celebrating, and perpetuating family heroes, traditions,values, memories, and commitments. Through the power of story, each individual can strengthen the home & family & boost children’s confidence.                                                                                     
In a world where the importance of values is decreasing, Heritage Makers strives to encourage family unity by providing heritage-enriching products. Heritage is the strength of family and the source of individual worth, which in turn are the foundation of society and the basis for hope for a better world.                                                      
the story: Heritage Makers independent personal publishing consultants help clients realize their stories. Everyone has a story to tell whether it is about a significant event or family tradition. We all know the importance of preserving memories of weddings, births, vacations, etc. Heritage Makers provides beautiful products to help others record their stories.                                                    
How did Heritage Makers start?    Heritage Makers was founded in 2005 by Doug Cloward, President of Heritage Makers, and Sharon Murdoch, Heritage Makers Co-founder and board member. Both Doug and Sharon became part of the storybooking movement separately, Doug with a company called Heritage Home Studio and Sharon with personalized storybooks she sold through high-end retail stores. In 2004, Doug and Sharon began collaborating and formed Heritage Makers, Inc.                                                                                                 
After starting from log/scrapbook-like kits that clients put together and sent in to be typeset and bound, Heritage Makers is now fully digital with an online Studio where clients can design pages and insert personalized story and pictures. Today, Heritage Makers Studio has over 1000 templates and over 30,000 pieces of art, new added monthly.
What does a personal heritage consultant do?  Heritage consultants are independent, working their own businesses. They help people publish their stories and hold workshops to teach others how to preserve their heritage through the Heritage Makers online studio. They share a passion for preserving heritage, capturing important events, traditions, and family, and making sure these things are documented. They are the backbone of the Heritage Makers business, spreading the word about the importance of heritage and preserving family history.                                                                   
What is Heritage Studio? Heritage Studio is an online program that clients use to create their heritage projects. Accessible only by signing in with an individual account ID and password, Studio includes client’s projects, important news and announcements, links to help clients write their stories, and Storybook Corner (a link to the Heritage Makers blog where clients can find new ideas and tips for making projects). Heritage Studio is the place to go to start and edit storybooks, cards and more.                                                                                          
What are the site requirements? In order to have an enjoyable experience on the website as possible, clients need to make sure their computers have Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explore 7 or newer, a high-speed internet connection, Java, and Adobe Flash Player                                                                               
What is storybooking? Storybooking is recording and preserving your heritage. You can store all your great memories, family traditions, and big events in lasting, hard-bound books. Heritage Makers has story maps to help you write your stories, and you can either choose from among over 1000 templates to start a project or create your own from scratch.
How do I start? Starting is easy. Just go to the Heritage Makers website at and click "Sign up for free" in the upper right corner of the screen. Sign up for a customer account and follow the steps indicated. Heritage Makers will provide you with a consultant who will help you with all your Heritage Makers needs. When you are finished, activate your account and start your first project by signing in and going to your Heritage Studio.
How do I become a Heritage Makers consultant? Becoming a consultant is easy. Just go to the Heritage Makers site at and click on the opportunity icon toward the bottom of the page. Read through the information and Sign-up.
Do I need a Premier membership to use the templates in the gallery? No. While many of the templates require a Premier membership, there are several that do not. To find the templates available with a Basic membership, select Basic from the Membership dropdown in the search area and click Search.
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